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Driving Programmes

Whatever your previous driving experience, our driving centers offer high-speed moments and once-in-a-lifetime motorsport experiences. Our programmes are always carried out safely under the guidance of highly experienced professionals with your individual needs in mind. We plan and carry out programme services for both individual persons and groups of up to several hundred peoples.

Our range of services also includes winter driving schools for companies, which can be carried out for your company personnel in connection with other safety development measures and training. Winter driving schools are tailored to meet the customer needs of both ordinary road users and professional drivers.


Experience animated moments behind the wheel of BMW rally car! A driving instructor will act as your co-pilot, giving you valuable tips for driving in icy and snowy conditions. After some practice laps on the special stage, it’s time to have a competition! The clock is ticking; who will be the champion? Last but not least, you will have a chance to be co-driver for an experienced rally driver and see how he handles the car in incredible day! We also lease the tracks and rally cars for driving training


Our most popular programmes include several motorsport activities combined into a one package. You’ll get a chance to feel thrillingly animated moments in a real BMW rally car and have plain fun with cross cars and funny cars. The highlight of the day will be a rally ride as co-driver for an experienced rally driver. This rush of a ride on a forest trail flanked by snow banks is an experience you won’t soon forget!


Improve you driving skills with standard cars! Through our winter driving training you can improve your driving skills in icy and snowy conditions and gain a better understanding of wintery driving conditions. Winter driving trainings are tailored to meet the customer needs of both ordinary road users and professional drivers and are always carried out safely under the guidance of experienced driving instructors.

Levi Rally Center Oy on saanut yrityksen kehittämisavustusta yrityksen pitkän aikavälin kilpailukykyä vahvistavaan hankkeeseen, jolla parannetaan sähköautojen palvelukapasiteettia. Hankkeen toteutusaika on 9.9.2020-31.8.2021. Hankkeeseen on saatu tukea Euroopan aluekehitysrahastosta.
EU Aluekehitysrahasto

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