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Private and Professional Driving Events in Lapland

Combine the exotic North with the thrill of speed by spending a day in Finnish Lapland driving around the snowiest Arctic landscape in Europe!

Visit us for a memorable winter driving day, to perform vehicle and tire testing, or to hold a product launch or other company event. If your idea is to have an occasion calling for an unforgettable setting, we’d like to hear about it. We plan and carry out other programme services as well with the greatest of versatility.


About us

Lapland Driving is a company providing a great diversity of driving events and testing services. Our specialty is organizing driving programmes and testing projects especially in snow conditions. Our professional staff has all-round competence and solid experience in planning and setting up different kinds of driving tracks.

At our driving centers, you’ll get to enjoy high-speed moments and once-in-a-lifetime experiences with programme services involving motorsports. We arrange guided driving events and winter driving training; we also lease track areas for driving training and testing usage, among other things.

Safety and Privacy

The safety of our customers is of paramount importance to us. The tracks are planned to make driving safe for all, and all tracks have safety zones built of snow. Safety and customer service training are a most important part of our staff’s continuous training. Our highly motivated staff will also be delighted to consider your individual needs.

All the track areas of our driving centers are private areas not open to the public, which guarantees the privacy and safety of events.



Our innovative professionals have solid experience in building ice and snow tracks. Track engineering pays special attention to the track use versatility, and we modify track surfaces and profiles to meet each of our customers’ needs and wishes as necessary. Most of the driving tracks can be combined together.

The tracks are mainly ice paved. To fulfill the wishes of our customers, we transform track surfaces to polished ice, roughened ice, snow tracks of varying depth, hard compressed snow layers or sleet, among other things.

A Long Driving Season and Operational Reliability

Lapland Driving tracks construction work involves the best techniques and approaches to guarantee an exceptionally long and operationally reliable winter driving season. At Lapland Driving, our winter driving season lasts close to six months, beginning in November and continuing until April. The Rovaniemi center is open all the year round.

The length of our driving season is exceptional not only internationally, but also compared with other operators in Lapland. This is due to the fact that our tracks are built mainly on mire and woodland, so we can begin freezing them early. For the same reason, there is never any danger of falling through ice.

Driving Center Locations

In Lapland, we provide services at three state-of-the-art driving centers located in Levi and Rovaniemi.

The driving center Area X Levi are located only 20 minutes by car from the Levi Resort amid Finland’s snowiest landscape. Services are available November–April. Rovaniemi Driving Center is located right on the Arctic Circle only 10 minutes by car from Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. Services are available all the year round, also during the summer.

Well-equipped garages and maintenance shops along with charming restaurants provide the classiest of settings for a truly memorable driving day or testing event.


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